Gearshoot Players

Click on one of the player options from the player menu and then select the gear you want to hear and the pieces of gear you'd like to compare it to. It's not really much more complex than that, on the surface...


Go here to start your epic battle of compressor against compressor, limiter against limiter, or any combos of either. Digital verses Analog, test their abilities from subtle massaging to brutal crushing.



Discover the deepest secrets of what a range of equalizers, many of whom you've probably never had a chance to hear actually do to music.



Preamps generally make stuff sound louder and help you get your music onto the medium you are using. Which tickles your fancy the most...find out here.



The world of audio effects is huge, really big. . . You probably don't have time to download and install and set up 20 Reverbs to see which one you like the best, especially during a job. So we have done the hard work for you so you can decide in a jiffy.


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