Most raved about bitcrush in history, at the lowest price ever offered.

This distortion will surely become your favorite piece of kit! Want the RAW POWER to move both Even and Odd harmonics to your whim? Do you need an advanced DSPtechnology distortion that can be viciously brutal (or sublimely gentle…) on a moments notice? Or maybe a super finely tuned bitcrusher effect with scalpel like precision? A bit crush known to be leaps and bounds ahead of any of its competitors?

Then you want Rancorsofts flagship distortion – honed through long nights of algorithm tuning, referencing and mix evaluation… Super Angry Distortion!!!


Liven up your mix with precise amounts of Odd and Even harmonics! Gain the unmitigated power to control crunch, sparkle and pop in leads, basslines and vocals. Super Angry Distortion has the power to liven up near every mix it is applied to!! Turn it up a notch with the angriest distortion available…

Full feature list:
Never leave a track too harsh or too calm! Fine and Coarse Downsample control let you easily dial in an anger level!
Liven up dull, boring sounds INSTANTLY with precise Odd and Even Harmonics control!
Dial in the perfect level of effect with a powerful and best-in-class Wet / Dry control…
Tune the overall gain with a super speedy and intuitive Volume Control!

Windows and Mac VST (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
AU / Mac Audio Units (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows .EXE

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