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These are the audio players for Gearshoot - Click the images below or use the menus above.

Kog Gear 15 FB OK ShootoutsKog Gear 12 FB OK ShootoutsRack 23 manley Pre outside FB OK ShootoutsRack 22 Aphex Outside FB OK Shootouts

Here you can do shoot outs on a range of different audio toys and hear, in the comfort of your own home, studio, or wherever you have some monitoring system what they sound like in relation to each other.   Shoot out your favourite plugin emulations versus the real thing and bust a few myths or preconceptions you have made.   Challenge your friends as part of a drinking game to see who can pick the real over the emulation.   Let your imagination run free blind testing yourself, then pull it into line with the cold hard reality of empirical facts of the matter.

The player is straight-forward, but in case you are needing some help go here for instructions.   Otherwise click on one of the above links and get started.

If you want to know some good combos to shoot out (e.g. Neve style, Valve style, Real vs plugin versions) choose a preset from the menu and then modify it to suit.

Have fun.




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