Here's a basic guide to using the shootout players.

Hopefully you'll find everything all pretty simple, but just in case not, or you want to find out a few extra features you didn't know about have a look here.

 General guide to the players


How to save your own presets so you can come back to them later or add to them. 



And here is a text based instruction in case you don't want to watch the whole video and just get to the ideal point quickly.

1- Choose a device (piece of gear) from the dropdown menu

Choose a device

2 - Choose a setting (Frequency you are interested in and an amount)

Choose a setting 

3 - Once the frequency has been selected samples of tracks will appear in the 'Tracks' window

Choose a sample 

4 - Scroll through the samples till you find one you like, then drag it down to the 'Track' box.   You can pull down samples one after the other into the Tracks box (e.g. a cymbal, 2 kicks and a vocal).   Each one will take a little bit of time to load in, the longer it is the longer it will take (but never more than a second unless you are still on dial up).

Put sample in tracks box 

5 - Select another piece of gear that tickles your fancy in the Device drop down menu and select other settings (or the same if you want to compare) and select a sample loop and drag it down from the samples box into the tracks box (if it is the same sample name you can do a proper compare... one of the main points of the player)

Multiple gear compare example

6 - Select a sample loop (e.g. Buzz Audio Tonic) and push the green play button (or space bar).   The loop will start to play.   If you want to move between samples of different pieces of gear (e.g. Buzz Audio Tonic to Hendyamps Michelangelo) you can either use the up and down arrows, or click on the one you want to jump to.

All going well and you have not done anything wrong on the process you should be in gear shoot out comparative analysis heaven :)


Other things of use in the player - 

Analog and Digital buttons (at the top of the player) - Select between Analog Style Hardware and Digital Plugins

Analog or digital

Reset button - Clears all Samples from the player so you can start afresh.

Reset Button

Save Playlist of Shootout - Pretty obvious.   Save a name for your shootout.

Save shootout

Saved Playlist Shootout settings library - Select the saved playlist you want to load up and hear again.

Playlist library

Playlist library options to load

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