Here's some handy sites to help you get better we thought you would find useful, we'll update these regularly as new stuff turns up, so keep coming back to check.


1 - URM - The Unstoppable Recording Machine

This is one of our favourite resources online for knowledge and helping upskill audio engineers of all levels with a big focus on recording, mixing and mastering.

URM has many different avenues for which to learn and gain knowledge from

We’ve been regular and avid listeners of their FREE Podcast Hosted By Eyal Levi. They get a large number of guests on to cover a wide spectrum of the industry and a large number of skill sets. These podcasts always cover a really good ground of knowledge from basics to the real in depth of the subject.
Some of our favourites have been their episodes with Bob Katz ( Episode 12 ) and Forrester Savell (Episode 119 )

URM also has a service called Nail The Mix (NTM)

To put it simply
You sign up to NTM and every month you get stems from some top level bands and tracking engineers to mix
If you want there is a competition you can enter your mix into every month with amazing prizes.

You then get access to a live video of the mix engineer doing a full mix on the track with a nice lengthy Q&A !

Apart from the access to stems and mix down video with the engineers you also get access to some great forums with other engineers to discuss techniques and critique mixes.


2 - Production Advice

Production Advice is a site run by Mastering Engineer Ian Shepherd (Check out his site here)

Ian runs a great blog on this site mostly with a focus on mastering.
He also hosts a podcast as part of this called The Mastering Show.
If you are mastering, getting into mastering or just want to know more about it we definitely recommend listening to most of the first episodes out that cover a lot about mastering all laid out in a real nice format.

Recommended Podcast
Episode # 2  The 3 M’s In Mastering


Ian Shepherd and Production Advice were also at the forefront of the loudness Wars - Starting up Dynamic Range Day back in 2010.


3 - Production Expert (aka. Pro Tools Expert)


Pro Tools expert as you would expect is a site that largely focuses on Pro Tools…...and being an expert at it……

Their site is packed with tons of resources and help sections on pro tools from tips/tricks/work flows to helping you remember shortcuts and the ins and outs of the program.


More recently a large section of the site has had the same dedication put into it for studio one users. We have heard that a lot of people have been switching to this DAW so it is great to have a large resource base online for it.

Pro Tools Expert and their blogs are not just reserved for Pro Tools and Studio One users.
As well as videos, tutorials and interviews they have a blog section that covers a much wider variety of topics.


Pro Tools Expert Blogs are split up into 4 different sections


Production Expert

Pro Tools Expert

Studio One Expert

Synth Expert

It is also one of our favourite blogs to keep an eye on for posting up what new and free plugins are around in their free plugins section





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