This is Gearshoot, and it is about stuff to do with audio gear.

It’s a site that you’ll hopefully find helpful in learning about what gear actually sounds like compared to other pieces of gear, because, as you know, nothing makes for a more interesting party conversation that debating tonal qualities of audio equipment.   And, by using this site we aim to give you...

  1. The crucial upper edge and Ninja like reflexes at picking which piece of gear is which blindfolded (feel free to make it into a drinking game if you like).
  2. The ability to know straight off the bat which piece of gear is the best to use for a particular job or instrument (for your ears).
  3. Direct empirical knowledge regarding why people say things about certain brand or pieces so you can decide if they are on the money, or full of shit.
  4. A way to break your myths and legends apart and dispense with the evil of all evils... 'Confirmation Bias'.
  5. A helpful and easy way to make a more informed choice when you decide to buy new gear as to what sounds best for you, especially if you don't have the luxury of access or hook ups to borrow and play with it and compare it to all the alternate options you were thinking of.   If we can save you some money, or help you spend it the right way we will be very happy.   Feel free to send us fan mail if you find this site useful so we can read them when we are 7 hours into a tone calibration and sampling run and make ourselves feel like what we are doing means something in the greater scheme of things.

Overall we hope it is pretty simple to use for you, but if you have any problems we have created some handy ‘How to do it’ instructions that you can read.   If you follow them it should be smooth sailing, if it isn't ask a friend to help you :)

Checking out instructions is often handy, you might find out some stuff that you didn’t know the thing could do.   Then again, instruction manuals are usually pretty boring to most people, so if you are in that camp jump straight in, boots ‘n all and good luck to you.
Gearshoot is aimed to be a semi scientific site.   That is, it’s as rigorous and anal retentive in its procedures as we can do without making it either a) really boring to collate, or b) impossibly time consuming to create.   If you want peer reviewed scientific level shit we could recommend you go to a range of journals in the databases at, for example google scholar.   We welcome feedback with good ideas, requests, help on processes and protocols from you all (as long as it is well considered and stuff like that... maybe don't send us your ideas after drinking half a bottle of spirits till the next day) so we can improve the site if possible.   If you have a unhelpful complaint please navigate to the Paypal 'Donate button', and leave the message in the 'message' section of your donation.


Please note: complaints cost US$0.25 per normal word $5 per swear word, so, please feel free to talk like a pirate as much as you like and help us save up to buy a puppy :)
We've also included blurbs about the gear we have on the site, this is directly from the manufacturers site which we thought might be useful, so if you see the info on every page saying, for example, "this is the best EQ ever" etc that's why.   Ultimately, don't believe it just because they say it, believe your ears (especially with your eyes closed).

Gearshoot is brought to you by the folk at Kog Mastering.   So if you need something mastered by a friendly, multi award winning, chart topping mastering studio please get in touch. www.kog.co.nz

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*We originally thought about calling the site gearshootout.com,, but, the internet being what it is someone already had that parked, gathering dust, and probably have even forgotten they have it.   Gearshoot is less letters to type the first time anyway, so not too much of a concern really.   We also thought about calling the site 'Gearshots', but, it was pointed out that could have been mistaken for some form of porn site, which might have disappointed some people.



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